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The Bio-Inspired Textiles research is still in progress. Please don't forget to come back and see the resources we are currently developing. In the meantime, please explore the website and the existing resources below.  



This publication explores how biomimetics (applying lessons from biology) has informed the design of old and new products and devices. 

This book introduces many examples, presenting each natural phenomenon alongside its application, with an accessible explanation of the design concept and the biology that informed it.


This timely overview is the perfect introduction for designers of all disciplines, and a reminder that inspiration may be just down the garden path.

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A collaboration between Angel Eye (a production company that specialises in educational films), the Design Technology Association (D&TA), Veronika Kapsali and funded by BBC Learning, that examines a basic set of biomimetic principles and how they can be recreated into prototypes using basic materials found in the home or classroom.

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