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We worked with expert textile designer/ makers to explore the Bio-Inspired Textiles structures using their own specialist skills and techniques

Each maker focused one specific Bio-Inspired structure and during the process combined this with other Bio-Inspired structures.


It was through this work that we started to see how the Bio-Inspired Textiles framework could help us design for Resource Efficiency, Longevity and Recovery

Exploring 3D weaving design for volume and strength with paper-based materials to make load-bearing textiles that could be used as furniture.

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Exploring bio-inspiration through textile design for disassembly to produce solutions for a range of technical challenges for textiles.

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Exploring design for flexible joins using multi-layered jacquard weaving to create flat textiles that can be deployed into 3D objects once cut off the loom. 

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Exploring how different knit structures, once felted (or not felted) can provide precisely engineered strength or areas of flexibility within a single fabric.


Exploring how multiple properties (stiffness and flexibility) can be designed into non-woven felt.  

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Exploring how to create auxetic designs using traditional weaving techniques.

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Exploring how to create expandable, lightweight and weight bearing textiles.

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Exploring how to make adaptable textiles that can 'fit-to-size'. 

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Exploring how woven and felting processes can be combined to alter the density and stiffness of pure wool textiles to potentially impact thermal resistance (insulation).

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Exploring how to create a 3D woven textile that can move and bend in multiple directions using a simple pulley-system

Event Post -Generic 9.png

Exploring how a textile can move and bend in multiple directions towards creating wearable assistive devices (soft robotics). 

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Exploring how different knit stitches can be used to design texture into textiles and potentially introduce functions such as increased use-life to knitted garments. 

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