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BIT Research Overview
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Bio-Inspired Textiles is an interdisciplinary research project that sits at the intersection of biology, material science and textile design to enhance sustainable and circular practice. Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council as part of the Leadership Fellows scheme, the project maps how design intersects with scientific disciplines and explores the ways biology can teach designers to do more with limited resources.

Drawing on the research by Professor Julian Vincent, Dr Steven Naleway and their respective teams, the Bio-Inspired Textiles project focuses on how role of structure in biology could help us improve the efficiency, longevity, and recovery of the resources (substance and energy) we use to create textile products. 


We collaborated with over forty eight designer-makers who helped us develop the Bio-Inspired Textiles framework. The framework is centred around eight structures observed in biological materials from both the plant and animal kingdoms.  The makers used a wide range of textile techniques from their own individual skill sets, to create experimental prototypes based on the eight structures,  this work constitutes inspirational case studies for other designers to see how they can draw on their own techniques to engage in the Bio-Inspired Textiles approach. 

Bio-Inspired Textile Team


Prof. Veronika Kapsali

Veronika is the principal investigator of the BIT research project which builds on her PhD and recent research in the field of biomimetic design.

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Dr Cathryn Anneka Hall

Cathryn works part time as a post doctoral researcher supporting Prof. Veronika Kapsali on the BIT research.

Bio-Inspired Textile Partners

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Bio-Inspired Textile Advisory Board

Alma Daskalaki - Craft Council

Anne Marr - UAL: Central Saint Martins

Ashley Harbert - A W Hainsworth

Dr Kate Goldsworthy - UAL: Centre for Circular Design

Dr Laetitia Forst - UAL: Centre for Circular Design & Centre for Sustainable Fashion

Jane Murrow - UAL: Chelsea College of Arts

​Julia Bennet - Craft Council

Prof Carole Collet - UAL: Central Saint Martins

Prof Richard Blackburn - University of Leeds

Prof James Busfield - Queen Mary University of London

Tacita Meredith-Tancock - Crew a la Mode/Calm Collected

Tony Ryan - Design & Technology Association

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