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(also known as bio-informed design, biomimetics and biomimicry)

Bio-Inspired Design is an approach to design in which natural processes inform solutions to human problems. Designers and scientists have often looked to nature for insight and inspiration from very different perspectives; the former mainly focus on aesthetic qualities, the latter on function and behaviour.

In 2014, Dr Veronika Kapsali (Bio-Inspired Textiles lead researcher) worked in collaboration with Angel Eye,  and the Design Technology Association (D&TA) to produce a series of short films that examines a basic set of biomimetic principles and how they can be recreated into prototypes using basic materials found in the home or classroom.


Not just for children, these are a great resource to get you started with Bio-Inspired Design. 


Published in 2016, this book by Dr Veronika Kapsali explores the importance of biomimetics – imitating life’s natural processes. 

This book explores examples, showing each natural phenomenon alongside its application, with an accessible explanation of the biology and the story of the design.


This timely overview is the perfect introduction for designers of all disciplines, and a reminder that inspiration may be just down the garden path.

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